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Take It To The Bank Promise

If you switch to ALLPAY and we don't measurably increase your profits in the first 3 months of credit card processing, or streamline multiple processes in your business, and give you a payment partner relationship that makes you thankful, we will PAY YOU $500!


"FREE" Credit Card Processing

“Free” credit card processing can be a reality with ALLPAY. Ask us about our cash discount/non-cash adjustment program to save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars every month. This program is backed by our Take It To The Bank Promise.

Traditional Low Cost Credit Card Processing

Make more money with every transaction. Our rates are transparent, we don’t use “bait and switch” tactics, and we provide you with fantastic support. Many different solutions are available, with interfaces for almost all point of sale systems. If you want to know if your rate is fair according to industry standards and you want to work with honest payments professionals, then give ALLPAY a call!


A simple phone call will get your business a complimentary analysis of your savings and a rate quote so awesome that you can literally “TAKE IT TO THE BANK.”

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