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ALLPAY is changing the payments landscape and many companies have chosen ALLPAY for their credit card processing needs. It is our goal to provide personal service and apply industry expertise to make businesses more efficient and profitable.

One of the ways we can help cut costs is with our revolutionary and robust credit card “interchange optimization” solution. ALLPAY is at the forefront in giving you access to Level II and Level III pricing, and many companies throughout the country are taking advantage of this amazing tool.

If you have customers that are other businesses and governmental entities and take corporate credit cards or government purchasing cards, you may be missing out on receiving reduced interchange rates from the card brands.

ALLPAY’s Virtual Terminal Solution intuitively identifies which transactions benefit from adding Level II and Level III data, intelligently calculating and auto-populating data fields. Many are unaware Visa and MasterCard charge a lower interchange rate for Level II and Level III transactions when additional data is provided, which the card brands feel reduces potential risk. We make it easy to add the additional data that is required for these transactions, saving time and reducing overall credit card processing costs.

Many of the Level I and Level II categorizations are potentially eligible for even lower Level III interchange rates if properly identified and correct rates applied. ALLPAY’s solution does this and assures you get the interchange discounts to which you are entitled. And it does so faster and with less effort than running a “normal” credit card transaction in your current system.

The charts below show just a few common credit cards and what the interchange rates are at Level I, Level II and Level III. Many Level I and Level II transactions qualify for lower Level III rates if identified and properly entered and categorized. The rate difference on the charts, in some cases, is as much as .90%. In many large ticket circumstances, the rate reduction is even more. Recently, a client achieved a rate reduction of over 1.00% on $80,000 of government purchasing cards. Many are experiencing rate reductions in their effective rate of 75-1.00% or more. This is HUGE in terms of the bottom line!

Visa Logo
Visa Data Fee Table
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MasterCard Fees Data Table

We enjoy talking about rates and we'd love to help you find a solution that fits your business needs.

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