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Credit Card Processing

ALLPAY Has Payment Solutions For Your Business

Whether it's mobile, online or storefront

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POS Systems

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Mobile Payments

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Contactless Payments

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What Sets ALLPAY Apart From the Rest?

We are confident in our products and ability to deliver on our representations. Therefore, ALLPAY does not bind our clients to a long term contract. We believe in earning and keeping your business one transaction at a time, if necessary. We are willing and able to offer a rate lock for any term you desire, from one month to 3 years (or more). You will experience unmatched customer service and if you are not satisfied with ALLPAY, you will have no-penalty termination rights (no cancellation fees).

Partnering your small business with the right payment processing company is an important decision, so it’s important to be well-informed when shopping around. In particular, you’ll want to watch out for hidden payment processing fees. Many processors will advertise rates that seem low at first glance, but then when you get your first bill you’ll find that you’re getting nickel-and-dimed with hidden fees. These fees can add up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year. Here are 7 hidden fees you’ll want to look out for before choosing a payment processor.

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Watch Out For These Hidden Fees

Annual FEES

This is a fee some payment processors charge to cover their costs, and it should be a big red flag to stay away. Payment processing companies already charge a markup to the fixed base rates charged by credit card issuing banks and credit card associations (Visa, Mastercard, etc.). The markup they charge is meant to cover the processor’s costs and ensure they’re making a profit. If the company charges an additional annual fee, they’re hitting you with a junk fee to line their own pockets.


Whether you are new to accepting credit cards or want to switch to a partner you can trust

ALLPAY Has Unique Solutions To Fit Every Business's Needs

Seamless Transition

  • Our team will provide a seamless install at no cost to you.


Support When You Need It

  • We understand problems may arise so have a team to assist you around the clock.



  • Once the POS is installed, a specialist will walk you through how to operate the system.


Free Consultation

  • We will narrow down your options to find the best POS fit for your business.

Need help finding what POS solutions are best for your business? We’ll help you out.

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